The Holistic Manifestation Method - Programs 1-3

5 simple and powerful keys for expanding your life and work, living your fullest potential and experiencing success and prosperity are shown to you in this 3 part program.

Given by Nicola Salter, Mentor & Creator of the (re)Define Yourself Program, Certified Holistic Manifestation Coach, Lecturer, Educator, Author.

Nicola Salter


The Holistic Manifestation Method is designed to show you 5 simple and powerful keys that align you with the unlimited creative power that is flowing through you right now and flowing through you every single moment of every single day to support you in creating fulfillment and prosperity in your life.

This method takes you beyond The Secret and introduces you to a portfolio of tools that will help you understand how manifestation really works, in a simple, effective and very powerful way.

You will benefit from this program if:

  • You are looking to step into a new career or begin a new business
  • You are seeking a new relationship
  • You want to bring more fulfillment into your life through your work
  • You want to discover how to prosper through your passion
  • You want to improve your life
  • You want to experience success and prosperity.

In just 67 minutes you will have access to a life-changing program and you will be able to use the tools you discover over and over again as a template for manifesting your goals and creating the life you want to live.

Discover how to reprogram your brain and how your brain works to sabotage your success, experience quick easy exercises to open new perspectives for you, understand the key Universal Laws of Attraction, and why it is so fundamental to come from a place of inspiration when manifesting.

If you have been using the vision board technique and not getting the results you wanted, here is the information that will help you fill those gaps so you can create the new reality you want, that will match your unique gifts and goals.

At the end of the program you will also have access to a FREE BONUS 20 minute visioning call with Nicola Salter to discuss your challenges and goals and discover how to deepen your manifestation process and find out more about how to redefine yourself, maximize your diamond potential and monetize your worth.